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Educational Software and Privacy in the Classroom: What You Need to Know

Educational software platforms in the classroom are raising privacy issues about the data they collect on children.

What You Need to Know About Canada’s New Data Breach Law

After years and several failed attempts, the Canadian government has successfully passed a federal data breach notification requirement.

What the Schnucks Judgment Means for Insurers

A federal judge recently capped the grocery store chain’s liability for a $2.1 million class action breach lawsuit at $500,000. Here’s what the judgment means for insurers.

5 Habits of Highly Successful CISOs

Curious about your company's security posture? See if you're following these five best practices.

Savvy Financial Advisor Falls Victim to Identity Theft

A financial advisor finds himself losing a two-week game of “fraudulent account whack-a-mole” until he gets help from IDT911.

Insurance Professional Navigates Tax Fraud Nightmare

Identity thieves beat an insurance professional to her tax refund. Months of frustrating interactions with the IRS follow—until she calls IDT911 for help.

6 Reasons Why Changes to Rhode Island's Breach Laws Won't Work

Proposed changes to Rhode Island's Breach Notification Act will leave consumers out in the cold.

Case Study: Identity Theft Hits Too Close to Home for Seniors

A senior couple is at risk after personally identifying information is stolen from their home.

How HR Can Safeguard PHI

HR must protect personal health information from receipt to disposition.

Case Study: Thieves Use Stolen Identity for Retail Therapy

Learn how IDT911 helped a customer restore her good name and credit.
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