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SendGrid Resets Customer Passwords After Cybercriminals Access Internal Systems

SendGrid confirmed a system data breach after hackers improperly accessed customer email accounts, according to a company blog by Chief Security Officer David Campbell.

25,000 Saint Agnes Patients Have Info Exposed After Phishing Attack

Saint Agnes Health Care confirmed a data breach of personal and insurance information impacting an estimated 25,000 people, according to a hospital statement.

ID Theft Ring Steals More Than 1,200 Comcast Customer Accounts

Law enforcement authorities revealed an identity theft crime ring stole the information of more than 1,200 Comcast customers, The Associated Press reported.

White House Investigates Obama Unclassified Emails Data Breach

Hackers potentially backed by the Russian government infiltrated U.S. public sector computers and caused a data breach of President Barack Obama's emails in October 2014, ABC News reported.

Dead Apps Pose Huge Mobile Security Threats

While enterprises believe their mobile security procedures are well thought-out, they may underestimate the threat of dead apps to their systems, Infosecurity Magazine reported.

Cybercriminals Likely to Strike Companies Again After First Attack

After data breaches, companies may think the worse is over. However, one security company is alerting businesses that cyberthieves may hit compromised systems again, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Maker of TurboTax for Rise in Tax Fraud ID Theft

Two taxpayers affected by identity theft filed a class-action lawsuit against Intuit, which oversees tax software TurboTax, The Washington Post reported.

Security Technology a Greater Priority Among Accounting Professionals as Financial Industry Hit with Breaches

The No. 1 priority for accounting professionals was having proper IT security technology to manage data protection and privacy, according to the American Institute of CPAs.

Tax Sale Firm SRI Confirms Financial Info Data Breach

An estimated 9,000 people may have their information exposed after an outsider accessed personal information at SRI Incorporated's website without permission, SC Magazine reported.

Daily News Roundup

Wikileaks has published a searchable database of every Sony Pictures email and document stolen by hackers last year.
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