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Hackers Sending Malware Disguised as Financial Documents

While employees within a company regularly exchange financial information to keep them up to date on corporate performance and budgets, hackers are now masking malware as financial statements to gain access to business computers.

Congress Passes Bill to Improve Infrastructure Cybersecurity

With the increase in data breaches in the public and private sectors, lawmakers are tackling the nation's problem with stricter guidelines for cybersecurity.

Sony Cyberinsurance May Not Cover Full Cost of Massive Breach

As Sony Pictures Entertainment is still reeling from a major data breach, its cyberinsurance policy may not cover all of the costs of the incident, CSO Online reported.

Identity Thieves Active During the Holidays

As the holiday season continues, identity thieves are likely out in full force, attempting to steal consumer information and committing payment card fraud.

Mobile Payments Firm Confirms Data Breach Affecting Records As Far Back As 2009

A company specializing in mobile payments announced a major data breach that may have compromised customer payment card information from 2009 onward, Infosecurity Magazine reported.

New Phishing Scam Exploits Online Shopping Popularity During Holidays

As identity thieves figure out new ways to scam consumers, the latest scheme exploits the rise of online shopping, which is especially popular around the holiday season.

Potential Major PayPal Security Flaw Discovered, Patched

An IT researcher revealed a PayPal security flaw that could have potentially put 150 million customer accounts at risk for exposure by cybercriminals, Infosecurity Magazine reported.

Health Care Insurer Reveals Data Breach Caused by Coding Error

Insurance subcontractor WellCare Health Plans may have exposed the information of an estimated 500 New York residents, Health IT Security reported.

Visionworks Announces Second Data Breach in Less Than a Month

Optical care services firm Visionworks announced a second data breach affecting customers in Florida, which occurred less than a month after revealing a separate similar incident in Maryland, SC Magazine reported.

Sony Pictures Data Breach Worse Than Expected

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment may have exposed more information than initially reported, according to The Washington Post.
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