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Malware Exposed Customer Debit and Credit Account Numbers at Numerous Jewel-Oscos

Jewel-Osco's parent company AB Acquisition recently announced that the debit and credit card information of Jewel-Osco customers frequenting stores in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa may have been exposed to hackers between August and September of this year.

Shellshock Could Be More Dangerous Than Heartbleed

Security experts recently identified a new virus called Shellshock as having the potential to be a bigger threat than Heartbleed, according to online news source Tech2.

Identity Theft Ring Charged with Stealing Government-Issued Checks

Nineteen members of a crime ring based in Atlanta were charged with fraud and identity theft after they worked together to steal and cash out government-issued checks, according to a release by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Heartbleed 2.0 May Be Worse Than the First Incident

A major vulnerability found in Linux and Unix operation systems may put up to half of the world's servers at risk for remote attacks, Infosecurity Magazine reported.

Report: IRS Pays In Almost 1 in 5 Tax Fraud Attempts

The Internal Revenue Service issued $5.2 billion in tax refunds in 2013 that were connected with identity theft, according to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

TripAdvisor's Viator Reports Data Breach Impacting 1.4 Million Customer Records

Travel booking site Viator confirmed 1.4 million customers and their personal and financial information may have been affected by a data breach, according to a statement by the company.

House Approves Trade Secrets Theft Bill

The House Judiciary Committee approved a bipartisan bill to protect companies from data theft of trade secrets, according to a release.

Security Experts Warn of Apple iPhone 6 Phishing Scam

With sales of the latest versions of Apple's iPhone surging, cybercriminals have created a new phishing scheme to steal personal identifiable information, according to Infosecurity Magazine.

Payment Records Exposed in Home Depot Breach Outnumber Target's Attack

Home Depot announced its data breach may have impacted 56 million payment records, according to a statement by the home improvement retailer.

Breach Affecting Goodwill Went Undetected Since February 2013

The data breach that affected hundreds of Goodwill stores recently may have gone undetected for more than 18 months, KrebsOnSecurity reported.
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