Case Histories

Case histories reveal our Commercial Data Risk Management solutions

Accounting firm questions the health of its hospital client audit
When an employee laptop was stolen during an audit for several large regional hospitals, a small accounting firm contacted IDT911 to determine the potential for a breach incident and the required actionsClick here to view case history

Online retailer’s new website is hacked 
Concerned about exposure of customer payment card numbers, an online retailer’s commercial insurance company turned to IDT911 for assistance. Click here to view case history

Press discovers copy machine memory glitch 
When the press notified a company that its returned leased copier’s internal hard drive contained confidential information, the company’s legal counsel immediately contacted IDT911 to help with a plan of action. Click here to view case history

Moving incident puts policyholder files at risk 
After an agent left file boxes with policyholder records at an old office, an insurance company contacted IDT911 about a potential data breach. Click here to view case history

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the IDT911 Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.