Risks Throughout Life

Many other situations and events can trigger identity theft

No matter what causes question and concerns, our LifeStages® services protect your customers, members, and employees against the risks, including:


Debt Tagging risks

Debt tagging occurs when debt collectors target the wrong person for a debt. These cases exact a toll on victims, particularly in the wake of the financial crisis, by damaging credit and taking months to resolve.

Every morning, Michael Brown practices yoga for two hours to stay physically and mentally limber. But when debt collectors mistook him for an M. Brown who owed $1,000 in medical bills, not even his yogi discipline could prepare him for the fight for his identity.

Over an 18-month period, Brown endured hundreds of abusive phone calls—sometimes as many as four a day. He says his perfect credit plummeted and his credit card interest rates tripled because the debt was placed on his credit report. And when he couldn’t secure a loan to repair a tool needed for his sign-making company, he was forced to go out of business.

You can provide peace of mind for your customers, members, and employees who are unfairly tagged with someone else’s debt with LifeStages® services.



Medical identity theft risks

The nightmare begins when someone uses a stolen identity to rack up medical bills and file false insurance claims. When medical records are tainted with false history and diagnoses, critical treatment can be delayed, and the wrong medications can be prescribed with dangerous consequences.

A thief steals a name and Social Security number and uses them for surgery, sending his victim to the brink of bankruptcy.

A victim gets a medical claim for a procedure she never had. When she calls to dispute the fraudulent charges, she discovers the medical provider cannot discuss someone else's private medical information with her.

Your customers, members, or employees can trust our LifeStages Identity Management services to clear up the potentially lethal mess of medical identity theft.

Travel-related identity risks

Losing identity documents can overwhelm the most seasoned traveler with panic and helplessness.

A weary traveler arrives at the hotel and realizes her purse is nowhere to be found. The reality quickly sets in that her passport, driver’s license, airline tickets, and credit cards are all missing.

Not only are travel plans jeopardized, but the risks for identity theft have just increased, as well.

Our LifeStages Identity Management services can save your people from making frantic calls and visits to police stations, consulates, banks, and credit bureaus. When travelers call before leaving home, they’ll receive information on how to reach a fraud specialist from practically anywhere in the world.

Moving-related risks

When your customers, members, or employees move, their identities should move with them.

Sensitive information can end up in the great pile of pre-move trash.

Important personal documents can get mailed to the old address.

With our LifeStages Identity Management services, our experts will be on standby to place 90-day credit file alerts (if requested) and help replace lost or stolen documents.

Break-in-related identity risks

It’s devastating when your home is broken into. You call the police but soon realize that the nightmare may not be over.

A vacation post on a social network site tells your friends that you're out of town for the weekend. You return to find your home broken into and your personal information compromised.

While a homeowner is calling to report missing jewelry, computers, and TVs, thieves also may be using his identity to rack up a fortune in credit card purchases.

Dorm room theft takes a darker turn when the student realizes her student ID and driver’s license are missing.

That’s when your customers, members, or employees will appreciate help from our LifeStages® services.

Disaster-related identity risks

No part of the country escapes natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. And home fires can strike anywhere, anytime. The horror is intensified when victims can’t prove their identities, claim their own money, or file insurance claims when they need help the most.

Missing or destroyed documents block access to bank and credit card accounts.

Evacuated homes and buildings are often vulnerable to looting, triggering a second disaster involving identity theft.

At their weakest and most vulnerable time, your customers, members, or employees can find support through our LifeStages® services.

This guy was so brazen that he used my Social Security number to request a tax refund."
-Possible tax-fraud victim

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.