Empowerment Tools

We wrote the book on fighting identity theft

Identity Theft 911’s four-way identity management and data breach security support provides:
Both businesses and consumers will find our Knowledge Center a unique educational reference to:
  • Find out about emerging identity theft and data breach trends
  • Learn how to defend themselves and their businesses
  • Get streamlined access to research and online resources

Identity Theft 911 fraud specialists assist your customers, members, employees, and data breach victims to:
  • Understand how the fraud happened
  • Take immediate proactive measures to limit damage and avoid future problems
  • Recover from identity theft and account takeover

Choose our optional FraudScout monitoring services to:
  • Scour identity and public records data for signs of fraud
  • Alert consumers via email when monitoring detects signs of potential misuse
  • Help people react fast and take preventive action before fraud affects their credit and other aspects of their life

Comprehensive business data risk solutions provide:
  • Scalable solutions for data breach planning and recovery 
  • Consulting solutions to assist with data risk and incident response, hiring practices, privacy, compliance, data classification, and digital forensics
For business inquiries, call 888-682-5911 or email info@idt911.com. If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the IDentity Theft 911 Resolution Center.